Furniture Artist Kristopher Kirkpatrick

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Specializing in Live Edge Dining Table Commissions

Made From The Highest Quality, Sustainably Sourced Timber in The World.


Utilizing principles of visual tension, Kirkpatrick creates striking, one-off pieces

showcasing the vibrant patterns and textures found within each piece of wood.

“The Blue Water Resin Artist.”

Creator of the original Blue Water Resin Dining Table


Each piece is delicately hand crafted by the artist from start to finish and is presented in its most simplest and purest form. Often blended with water-like resins, Kirkpatrick prides himself in finding the most beautiful reclaimed logs in the world, undressing each slab and revealing the unique characteristics’ found within the grain.

Primarily utilizing single slabs of kiln dried Walnut, Maple, and Redwood found along the western coast of the United States, the artist selects bold slabs, rich in character. Kirkpatrick brings naturally felled logs back to life, citing “each slab is eager to tell a story of its own.”

The end result should look effortless, as if a tree just happened to grow into a perfect dining table.
— Kristopher Kirkpatrick

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