Furniture Artist Kristopher Kirkpatrick

Terms of Service

Terms of Service


1-Proudly accept all major credit and debit cards such as; VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express.

2- Custom orders require 70% deposit. Remaining balance due upon completion and approval of “finished” photos. Products do not leave the shop until balance is paid in full.


1- Fully insured curbside delivery within the U.S.A. included with purchase(s) unless otherwise noted. White glove delivery available at additional charge.

2- “Curbside delivery” means that an individual will arrive on location with your item(s) on their truck. Please be prepared to help the courier unload the item(s) from his/her vehicle. If you are not able to assist, please make arrangements to have someone onsite who is able to assist with unloading. Although couriers are not required (nor paid) to bring your item(s) inside and help set them up - a tip can go a long way. If you require white glove delivery (complete delivery/install/clean-up) please contact me.

3- Kristopher Kirkpatrick is not liable for item(s) lost or damaged in transit. Couriers are a 3rd party company and any grievances should be filed directly with the courier at fault. Although unlikely, insurance is purchased to cover any/all items in the event of incident. Please contact me if you receive your items lost or damaged and I will assist you in the recovery process.

4- International shipping available upon request.

Terms of Service

1- All sales are final.

2- Lead times are approximate.

3- Rush orders subject to a 20% surcharge.

4- Local pickup; Finished pieces that remain in the shop for over 30 days are subject to a $490/month storage fee.

5- Color varies from one wood slab to the next. Although walnut slabs are typically brown, maple slabs are gold, and redwood is red - the color/tone/grain pattern will vary from one slab to the next. There is no guarantee as to the exact color/tone/grain of the finished product. The same applies to stained wood and resin colors.

6- Products made from live edge wood react to environmental factors. Heat makes them expand, cold makes them contract, direct sun makes them cup/warp and water makes them swell. Due to the nature of solid wood products, no piece is guaranteed against cracking, warping, splitting, moving, etc. Premium kiln dried materials are used in order to prevent such issues, but it is impossible to guarantee. Such flaws are deemed “character” and add to the overall beauty of the natural product(s). Keep your pieces away from sources of direct heat/cold/sun light (fire places, heating ducts, south facing windows, etc.).

7- “Outdoor finishes” will delay the effects of sunlight and water damage but will not prevent the effects completely. Outdoor furniture requires regular maintenance as the finish will fail overtime and the wood will develop cracks, cups, warps, etc.

8- Indoor/outdoor pieces require regular maintenance. Failure to maintain your product(s) with the recommended soap & oil will result in premature wear and tear and possible ring, wine, and water stains.

9- Please allow +/- 3” in sizing (length/width) when ordering pieces made of live edge wood. Remember, “trees don’t grow into perfect dining table sized slabs!”We will select the slab(s) that best suit your requirements.