Furniture Artist Kristopher Kirkpatrick



About the Artist


Using raw wood as his canvas, Kirkpatrick hand selects the finest slabs for each project. Each piece of wood has a unique story; a strength, and a weakness. Even the most beautiful slabs have natural defects. Blending flawless finish work with organic shapes, and highlighting natures defects are signature attributes of a Kristopher Kirkpatrick design. The marriage of perfection and honoring each slabs organic roots results in “perfectly imperfect,” one of a kind works of art.

A finished dining table by Kristopher Kirkpatrick allows viewers the unique opportunity to take a glimpse inside the inner workings of a once living life form. Undressing each slab from its tough outer layers exposes its inner workings and vulnerabilities.

Originally a self taught craftsman, Kirkpatrick’s apprenticeship under California Redwood Burl legend Jim Parodi proved invaluable. With 50 years of burlwood experience ranging from log acquisition, alaskan chainsaw milling, glue-ups, slab leveling, wood handling, sales, finishing and wood carving experience - Parodi is largely credited for Kirkpatrick’s success as an emerging furniture artist.

Emerging from the San Francisco Bay Area as “Dog and Pig Furniture” (click here for more) California grown artist Kristopher Kirkpatrick is best known for pioneering Americas' resin and live edge wood movement.